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unarmed martial art of gladiators and medieval fighters


Survival of critical situations

Knife fight

Modern and medieval techniques

Safety of women

prevention of assault, stalking etc


Game by the rules with soft arms

FFS trains fight with medieval and ancient weapons

Our goal is to combine "business" with pleasure - through fun projects we practice useful skills. At the training, you can meet swordsmen in the perfecting of historical techniques, common people relaxing after work, fantasy fans who just want to fencing a bit, and fighters who train Street fight and crisis situations.

Newbie with us learn to recognize individual weapons and their function, learns a lot about history and he gets counseling in case he decides to get his gun.

Training is suitable for girls too - they come to us in great numbers, and breaks effectively superstition that a woman can not fight.

FFS organizes other associated activities for students

Shooting range workshops, trainings with modern safety equipment, tactical drills, fighting games in nature, fencing, participation in historical events, larp, action scene reconstruction from historical / fantasy films and books, first aid training in combat situations, counterterrorism workshops...

škola šermu Praha, výuka, tréninky šermu, německá škola, jedenapůlručním mečem

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Wrote about us

"Mirek workouts are designed very well, both in structure and diversity, with a good explanation of why and what to do and attention to detail. In my perfect, nothing to improve. Compared to others, Mirek teaches his students movement in space, suitable for battle." - Jan Švoma, a banker



MONDAY 18-21 Jana Masaryka 21, Praha 2


THURSDAY 19-21 Jana Masaryka 21, Praha 2

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